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Admin / June 20th, 2017   #Shadowhunters,Gallery: Stills,Harry Shum Jr.


Simon goes down a dark path while Alec and team prepares to transport Valentine.

Admin / June 20th, 2017   #Shadowhunters,Video

Admin / June 13th, 2017   #Shadowhunters,Gallery: Stills,Harry Shum Jr.


Alec has big plans to mend fences with the Downworlders, while Jace and Clary are summoned by the Seelie Queen.

Admin / June 13th, 2017   #Shadowhunters,Harry Shum Jr.,Interview


Of course, the real drama of this week’s episode came from Magnus and Valentine’s adventures in body swapping. Though their souls were eventually returned to the correct meat bags, the experience left its mark — so to speak — on Magnus, who relived horrific childhood memories while being tortured with the agony rune.

“He has a rally troubled history, so building upon that is really important,” Harry Shum Jr. tells TVLine of Magnus’ background, which will continue to be explored this season. “It’s not something he wanted to revisit. And it will definitely affect his storyline with Alec, hopefully bringing them closer together and giving them a deeper understanding of one another. Alec is going to become much more sympathetic to life as a Downworlder.”

And if you picked up on a little tension between Alec and Magnus in their final scene together, don’t worry, you’re not totally insane.

“When you revisit a difficult childhood memory or a traumatizing experience, you sometimes end up redirecting your feelings about it,” Shum Jr. explains. “You can’t always say ‘This is what I went through’ and move on. The frustration lies in when other people don’t understand why you’re acting a certain way.”

As for Sebastian — who helped Clary tap into her true power this week, before being turned down for a date with her — don’t expect to see Magnus warming up to him any time soon.

“Magnus doesn’t trust any Shadowhunter,” Shum Jr. reminds us, save for his brooding boyfriend. “So I would say a big fat no right now. That might change over tim. We’ll see.”

Source: tvline.com

Admin / June 13th, 2017   #Shadowhunters,Harry Shum Jr.,Interview

[Spoiler Alert: Do not read ahead unless you have watched “You Are Not Your Own,” the June 12 episode of Shadowhunters. Major plot points are discussed in the interview below.]

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Admin / June 13th, 2017   #Shadowhunters,Harry Shum Jr.,Video

Admin / June 12th, 2017   #Shadowhunters,Harry Shum Jr.,Interview

Magnus Bane is not himself in this week’s episode of Shadowhunters. No, he’s really not himself. In fact, he’s Valentine Morgenstern, or at least in the bad guy’s body after an unfortunate run-in with a greater demon in the previous episode.

That’s right: Magnus (Harry Shum Jr.) is now trapped in Valentine’s (Alan Van Sprang) body, which means he’s the one currently imprisoned by The Clave in the Institute, not Valentine. While poor Magnus is being tortured in tonight’s gripping episode (“You Are Not Your Own”), Valentine learns that being a “filthy” warlock isn’t so bad, especially when there’s magic involved. But first he has to learn what to do with those hands.

“There’s a certain grace to Magnus, but with Valentine, every movement is calculated,” Shum Jr. told MTV News ahead of the episode. “And there’s a real frustration in Valentine not having full control for the first time.”

“As an actor, you get this challenge to play someone outside of who you’ve been playing for the past two seasons, and it’s a real treat, especially someone like Valentine,” he added. “He’s such a complicated character. It wasn’t really about mimicking him — it was also about what he would act like if he was not trying to let anyone know he was this person in someone else’s body.”

The harrowing experience is going to leave the immortal High Warlock of Brooklyn with lingering trauma, as he’ll be forced to confront painful memories from his past — some not voluntarily. He’ll also be confronted with a choice to “completely turn his back” on The Clave.

“The body-swap alone is very invasive. It’s a violation of someone’s body,” Shum Jr. said. “It’s interesting and fun to watch, but when you think about it, if someone went into your body and you don’t know what they did during that time, it can cause lasting damage to someone. It can also bring out things from the past, things that they’ve suppressed for a long time for good reasons.”

Obviously, this means Magnus will lean on Alec (Matthew Daddario) for support, but with Shadowhunters dropping like flies, and a group of Downworlders who want justice following Valentine’s massacre at the Institute, Alec is not be as emotionally available as Magnus needs right now. But the long-awaited arrival of Sebastian Verlac (Will Tudor), a Shadowhunter from the London Institute, might just put everyone on edge.

“Magnus is just starting to trust Shadowhunters, but he still doesn’t really trust any of them,” he said. “So bringing someone new, especially from London, given his past, he’s very cautious. The question is whether he wants to even get involved. His loyalty ultimately lies with his people and the Downworlders.”

At the torture he endures at the hand of The Clave in this episode, we really can’t blame him.

Source: mtv.com

Admin / June 12th, 2017   #Shadowhunters,Harry Shum Jr.,Interview

Thanks to a greater demon named Azazel, Valentine has escaped the Institute and is walking around inside the body of Magnus Bane on “Shadowhunters.”

Harry Shum Jr. didn’t have a long lead time before jumping into the new role of Valentine-inside-Magnus, but he enjoyed taking on the twist.

“I think I knew about it in the first episode, when we started shooting,” Harry told AccessHollywood.com. “So, maybe like two weeks before or a week-and-a-half before we started the second [episode].

“It was fun to kind like of sink our teeth into it and it was great that we got to sit down and really like talk about it — kind of what direction we wanted to go,” he added.

Harry said he met with Alan Van Sprang, who plays Valentine, and the episode’s director, Bille Woodruff, before shooting the new episode.

“We sat down for lunch and just kind of discussed how we wanted to play it because when you hear that, you’re like, ‘Oh, OK, you just switch bodies,’ but [there are] these more intricate and really kind of interesting layers on top of it and both of us are playing it very different because our motivation is completely different,” Harry told Access. “Valentine-in-Magnus’ body is trying to figure out how Magnus acts and functions and also, convincing people that he is Magnus while Magnus-in-Valentine’s body is trying to convince [people] that he’s Magnus. So, it’s this weird kind of double take where we didn’t want to play into kind of the idea of like, ‘I’m just doing an impersonation of you.’ It’s all these little things that we had to kind of sprinkle on to that and it was really important to us to really have that play into the episode.”

Harry watched tapes of Alan as he prepared to do his portrayal of Valentine-in-Magnus.

“I think [with] Valentine, there’s little points where you’ve seen him kind of get really frustrated, but he has this calmness, where he’s very calculating. He knows what he’s going to do next. He’s always two steps ahead and I wanted to give a little bit of that,” Harry said.

“But also, this is something that he’s never dealt with. This is beyond frustration. This is like, I’m trapped in the body of something I like, hate, and I’m trying to destroy. How do I react to this?” Harry said of how Valentine, a shadowhunter, feels being in the body of a warlock. “So that is what I wanted to really pull from … with Alan and getting those tapes, and at the end of the day, putting my interpretation on top of that.”

Source: accesshollywood.com

Admin / June 12th, 2017   #Shadowhunters,Harry Shum Jr.,Interview

Harry Shum Jr. talks with Hypable about Valentine’s stint as Magnus Bane in Shadowhunters season 2, episode 12.

How do you play a man trapped in body he absolutely despises?

Shadowhunters offers viewers a chance to see Valentine inside of Magnus Bane’s body. “Filthy” is a term Valentine has often used when referring to any Downworlder. Now that he is stuck performing Azazel’s bidding as a warlock, Valentine must find a way to navigate the relationships this particular warlock spent centuries developing.

That includes his most recent one with Alec. While the roles certainly call for a bit of miming, the process of letting another character play in the sandbox you constructed, is no easy task.

Harry Shum Jr. talks to Hypable about Valentine’s stroll in Magnus’ body, what lies ahead for Magnus and Alec, and a piece of fan art that he wants to see play out!

Valentine and Magnus have limited screen time together. What was the preparation process like for the role reversal?

Harry Shum Jr.: We had access to each other, but we didn’t want to do that. Tapes were what were provided for us to be able to look at how they talk to people. But it wasn’t about spending time with each other and trying to mimic each other.

It was about making sure that we captured the essence of each other’s characters. From there, within the scenes that we had to play with, we wanted to deliver them in a way where it was very situational. It was very specific. It wasn’t, “Well, I’m going to play Valentine and then I’m going to put that on top of all the scenes.” It was specific.

For instance, Magnus in Valentine’s body talking the Azazel is very different than how he is going to attempt to talk to Alec or talk to other characters who are going to come in. Also, he’s observing how the characters are reacting. It’s Valentine in Magnus’ body, trying to figure out Magnus – who he actually is – to convince [the people he is interacting with] enough to move on to the next level.

He doesn’t really know Magnus that well, either. As you layer that on top a bit, there is a little bit of humor about it. But as an audience member I hope that they’re watching and they know that it’s him, but also anticipate what is he going to do next.

One of the best moments, for me personally, was watching when Jace comes to Magnus’ apartment and you have that recognition – it felt so much like Valentine seeing Jace coming to him. It was truly fantastic.

Oh, that’s great to hear.

Magnus has just been horrifically tortured. Give us a sense of where Magnus is at the end of this episode.

What that [torture] does to someone’s psyche — especially coming from someone like Magnus who as dealt with instability in a mental capacity — it’s a mixture of emotions. And [in the past] he’s dealt with issues of questioning whether to even stay on this planet. I think for him it brings up a lot of this history and trauma that he’s been trying to stay away from.

Then there’s the trauma of being tortured. That alone is something that is already hard to get over. But the fact that it’s bringing up something that has affected him in this mental state is something that is going to take a while to get over. And it will really affect his relationships with people — especially Alec.

The stories from Magnus’ past are endless. So much so, Cassandra Clare enlisted other writers to craft some of them in the The Bane Chronicles. If you could explore any part of Magnus’ past, whether you created it, or you’re pulling it out of the books — what would it be?

I just saw something that was really interesting. It was a piece of fan art that came out that – first of all some of these [fans] are incredible, incredible artists. The things they conjure up whether it’s from their minds or the books or from the show, wow – B there was one thing that would be so fun. It was a picture of him in the 80s with Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson.

It’s his days exploring how he got into high society, how he was friends with these celebrities and influential people. That’s a fun part to explore outside of the world ending and defeating the evil doers — The fun he had. He had an interesting life and outlook, and he had to hide that he was a warlock. He’s an eccentric and unique being that fits in with all these artists that are eccentric themselves. I think that’s a really fun thing to explore and to navigate through that would be a really, really fun thing.

I can’t talk to anyone from the Shadowhunters cast without talking about the fans – what is the feeling of carrying this relationship of Alec and Magnus through to these fans. Especially, as the love for them grows.

The responsibility that I feel and making sure it’s as truthful as possible. We always want to make sure that we’re not falling into cushions. We want to service them as strong characters who are figuring things out. Whether it’s a first time — not even just the first time of having a relationship, not just for Alec — but being with someone who is the polar opposite. Also, [they exist] in a complicated world on both sides. That’s to me the unique part.

But then treating them also like any normal relationship and figuring out how they are going to get through this together. How they are going to deal with certain things that arise that they disagree with? And hopefully they’ll overcome that. That to me is what we always strive for with what the writers come up with. I feel like that’s our job. And the writers have been bringing some really interesting situations for the two characters to play out and that’s great.

Describe 2B in one word.


Source: hypable.com

Admin / June 12th, 2017   #Shadowhunters,Harry Shum Jr.,Interview

Harry Shum Jr. reveals how he prepared to play Valentine on ‘Shadowhunters’ and asks fans to take a deeper look at the mental health storyline in Season 2, Episode 12, “You Are Not Your Own.”

On this week’s episode of Freeform’s Shadowhunters, “You Are Not Your Own,” actor Harry Shum Jr., who (almost always) portrays the role of Magnus Bane, took on the unique challenge of playing Valentine Morganstern. The catch? Shum had to play a vulnerable, complex version of Valentine we’ve never seen before, and he also had to act against Alan Van Sprang as he played Shum’s character, Magnus Bane. So, Harry Shum Jr. was playing Valentine, who was pretending to be Magnus, talking to the real Magnus, who was now trapped in Valentine’s body. Are you still with us?

We caught up with Harry Shum Jr. to ask about taking on the role of Valentine and to learn more about what it was like to film scenes where he had to exchange dialogue with his own character in someone else’s body. Shum also spoke on the deeper meaning woven into the themes of the episode and what he hopes Shadowhunters fans will take away from the story in Season 2, Episode 12.

What first went through your mind when you found out Shadowhunters was going to do a body-switch with Magnus and Valentine?

Harry Shum Jr.: I would say that I was a little afraid that I wouldn’t pull it off because he’s such a complicated character, but at the same time, I was up for the challenge. How often do you get offered to play someone else on the show that you’re working on?

How did you prepare to play someone who is such a contrast to Magnus?

Shum: Over the seasons, we got to know what Valentine’s intentions were, or his goals, or his motivations, and kind of his way of manipulating people into doing what he wants. So that was kind of laid out already throughout the season. For me now, it’s the characteristics and little movements. His body posture, the way he smiles, the way he looks at you, and all of those little things that I had to study and watch on some of his tapes, and even the way he would approach talking to someone he’s trying to manipulate.

I didn’t really want to do an impersonation. I really wanted to draw those things that he’s been put in the situation he’s never been in before. Being in a warlock body, which is his worst nightmare, and being able to try and really pull it off, where he’s trying to get out of that body, but also trying to convince people that he is this warlock that he doesn’t really know too much about. So it’s that top layer of being Valentine, but also trying not to be Valentine.

Did you and Alan spend time together to teach each other any mannerisms or characteristics?

Shum: We didn’t. We kind of had one conversation about it with the director. We sat down over coffee and discussed mainly the things that we wanted to avoid, the typical things that you get when there’s body-switching happening. We really wanted to avoid those tropes of this trap of pretending to be each other, or being each other as an impersonation.

So that was really the biggest part, and I trusted him and he trusted me to really take care of these characters that we’ve nurtured over the years, and bring something of ours on top of it, which was really fun when we got to see it live at first and see each other do it. I would say the first couple times, I would laugh because he would do such a great job, and he would blow me away by his physicality and the way he would deliver a line. It would make me laugh because it was so good.

What was the most difficult part of portraying Valentine?

Shum: It’s keeping it up, because it’s not just maintaining a voice pattern of “This is the way Valentine talks.” You’re adding this layer of maybe, “This is the way Valentine talks when he’s talking to someone he knows like Azazel,” but to everyone else, he doesn’t. And what’s fun is that every time he’s in a scene, he doesn’t know how Magnus fully functions.

He’s gauging the other person’s reaction like “Oh, do they believe me? Are they believing me? Oh, I have to switch this up. Maybe my tone has to go a little softer. I’m being a little too harsh in the way I act.” So I think constantly, every second, he’s trying to figure out how to play this character, this guy that he hates, but also he has to convince people that he’s him.

We’ve seen the photo of you with Alan together in the Institute prison staring through the glass at one another. What was it like to act in scenes against someone else as Magnus?

Shum: It was great. Honestly? It just flowed, and I think that’s what I really enjoyed the most. Seeing him in such a vulnerable state, it hurt to watch. You’re seeing the emotions come up, but the image of yourself in this, and it really flips your head around, but with Alan, he’s just such an incredible actor. His range is so far and wide, and I can’t say enough nice things about what he’s able to do with the character. I was really impressed by his interpretation of Magnus.

How are we going to see the trauma from Magnus’ time in prison affect him, as well as affect his relationship with Alec in future episodes?

Shum: First, it really reiterates his feelings toward the Clave and how torture is even something that is still done. And second, that torture does have a lasting effect of resurfacing these memories and feelings that Magnus has been trying to put away for hundred of years, and is just recently, I would say, slowly getting over.

He just got over something else that was an effect of what he’s experiencing right now, so it will definitely affect him, his outlook on life, and also his relationships with everyone, including Alec. So he will definitely have to fight to get back to the state that he was in before that.

How do you think fans are going to react to the episode?

Shum: I don’t know, but I would hope that they are open to it because I think it does help the story move forward, and not just to move the story forward, but it brings up interesting things about someone’s mental health when someone’s body is being invaded. It’s so invasive, the swapping of the bodies. I think in some ways it can be interpreted differently, but I think the trauma that happens out of that… You have to have help, and you have to find help, and you also have to talk about it.

So I hope that fans look at this outside of — obviously it’s in a fantasy world, where things are possible in that world — but I think it also speaks upon people’s relationships with how they deal with this after it happens. I hope that the fans are really looking at it deeper than just kind of a “swapping bodies,” because that’s the fun part of watching the episode, but I think it goes a lot deeper than that.

Hopefully this never happens again, but if another Greater Demon comes along on Shadowhunters in the future and Magnus were to body switch with someone else, which other character would you want it to be with?

Shum: [Laughs] Ummm, wow. You know what would be really really fun? I think Luke. I think the fact that no one in the Downworld, or really in the Shadow World, gets to turn into something else, you know? And I think having that feeling of your bones cracking and turning into a werewolf… I don’t know if it’s enjoyable, but I think that would be kind of a cool experience. So I think for fun, it would be kind of fun to switch into a werewolf.

Source: hiddenremote.com

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