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Glamoholic   |   Written by Bashar Zidane

Before getting busy again with “Glee”, Harry Shum Jr. takes some time to co-create a new online project called “Remixed”, where musicians meet dancers in a very unique collaboration. Harry Shum Jr. opens up to Glamoholic about his secret obsession, fashion, and the one secret he would not keep!

What can you tell us about the upcoming season of Glee? What’s coming next for your character?
All I do know is that Mike is going to the Joffery Performing Arts College in Chicago. It’s exciting to see how Mike and the other characters adjust to the real world outside of high school.

How did Glee change you as a person and as an artist?
Well, it makes you appreciate the little things like sleep and time. But, on a serious note, it has helped me grow as an artist. The show constantly challenges my muscles whether it’d be acting, dance or singing a song that I never thought I could. The most rewarding is seeing how many people, kids and adults start to take on dance and music lessons after watching the show.

Glee airs worldwide reaching different people with different backgrounds and cultures. What countries do you wish to visit and discover their cultures?
Do I have to just choose one? How about EVERYWHERE the show airs. International tour of all of them so I can immerse myself in their culture and foods. It blows me away that people around the world watch the show and how many different cultures are able to enjoy it. I bet the dub versions are hilarious.

Away from Glee, what kind of projects would you like to be a part of? Are there any new movies in the making?
I worked on a indie film last summer that is premiering in LA in June called “White Frog” with Booboo Stewart. I just co-created and produced a show from Jon M. Chu’s YouTube Dance Lifestyle Network called “Remixed” where we take a popular musician and an amazing dancer and follow them as they collaborate to create a one of a kind performance. You can catch it on DS2DIO (pronounced D-Studio) on YouTube which premiered June 18th.

How do you describe you favorite fashion style?
I love simple V necks with jeans and sneakers but I do love me a slim tailored suit. You can do so much with a nice suit like going elegant with a nice pair of dress shoes or loosen up and combine the simple with suit and rock a v-neck under.

Do you have a favorite fashion designer or brand?
Thom Browne, Armani, Michael Bastian, Top Man, Anto and Tommy Hilfiger to name a few. SO many I love that it would fill up the whole page.

What was the last fashion item you’ve bought recently?
I bought this cool scarf/necktie combo from Fab. It keeps you warm with a sophisticated addition to the outfit.

You’re pretty active on Twitter and Facebook, how important is it for you to keep your fans updated with what’s going on in your daily life?
Very! The fans are a big reason why I do what I do and hearing their feedback while also having the ability to respond to them is something I never knew was possible.

Is there any fun fact that people don’t know yet about you?
I still watch cartoons. If Tom and Jerry comes on television, I will most likely drop everything and watch. Also, sometimes I don’t make any sense.

Do you have a lot of screts in your life?
Plenty stored in the goold ol’ noggin.

Are you a good secret keeper?
Yes, unless you tell me you still peed in your bed. Then I feel like I am obligated to disclose this information to your parents.

Do you have any secret obsessions?
Drinking this thing called “E3 live” which is suppose to help brain stimulation. It’s green algae and it tastes terrible but I am obsessed with taking it everyday.

What is more addictive? Love or working out?
I just work love out. Or love working out or work out love. See, I’m not making any sense.

Are you in love?

How often do you work out?
Lately … not enough … [drops to do push ups]

Are you Glamoholic?
I am now!

Source: Glamoholic [Scans]

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